The list below identifies capital construction projects for roads (including streetlighting, traffic signals and sidewalks) bridges & culverts and parks & trails.  Projects where the Region of Durham is the lead proponent, involving upgrades to City infrastructure, are indicated as such. Feel free to contact Engineering Services for more information.

The Region of Durham Works Department provides other essential municipal services to residents and businesses within Durham Region, including construction, design, and environmental assessment projects that are not captured below. Please visit the Region of Durham website to search current projects and studies, and view their project map.

Roads Projects (including streetlighting, traffic signals, and sidewalks)

Project Name Description Status Contractor/Consultant

Asphalt Resurfacing on Various City Streets


  • Breezy Drive - West Shore Boulevard to Leaside Street
  • Oklahoma Drive - Whites Road to Hillcrest Road
  • Eyer Drive - 190m north of Oklahoma Drive to 310m north of Oklahoma Drive
  • New Street - Parkside Drive to Whites Road
  • Liverpool Road - Tatra Drive to Krosno Boulevard
  • Squires Beach Road - 50m north of Clements Road to 245m north of Clements Road
  • Major Oaks Road - Dellbrook Avenue to Wildwood Crescent
  • Greenmount Street - 106m east of Valley Farm Road to Major Oaks Road
  • Narcoch Boulevard - Tatra Drive to Grenoble Drive 
  • Wesney Road - Final lift of asphalt - Seventh Concession Road to Eighth Concession Road













Four Seasons Site Development Ltd.

Brock Road Sidewalk Reconstruction


Sidewalk reconstruction from Joseph Street to Lane Street

Spring/Summer 2019

Emmacon Corp.

Church Street Sidewalk Installation


New sidewalk installation from Bayly Street (Regional Road #22) to 110m south on the
west side.

Spring/Summer 2019

Emmacon Corp.

Marksbury Road Storm Sewer and Outfall

Located at the south end of Marksbury Road.  Storm sewer and outfall replacement.

Fall 2019 TBD

Salem Road


Hard surfacing - Fifth Concession Road to Highway 7

Summer 2019 NEI Construction Corp.
Sandy Beach Road

Sandy Beach Road, from Bayly Street to Montgomery Park Road. 

Environmental Assessment, detailed design and approvals.

View the Sandy Beach Road page for more information.

Multi-year    project - Summer 2017 to Fall 2019



The Municipal
Infrastructure Group
Westney Road

Hard Surfacing - Eighth Concession Road to Central Street (Regional Road #5)



West Shore Neighbourhood


Final lift of asphalt

  • Vistula Drive - Elvira Court to 285m north
  • Essa Crescent - Breezy Drive to 210m north
  • Breezy Drive - Sunrise Avenue to Leaside Street  



Region of Durham

Bridges & Culverts

Project Name Project Description Status Contractor/Consultant
Altona Bridge

Altona Bridge Design/Approvals - located on the Uxbridge Pickering Townline, east of Sideline 30, over West Duffins Creek.


Fall 2019 TBD
Michell Bridge

Michell Bridge Design/Approvals - located on the Seventh Concession Road, west of Sideline 32, over West Duffins Creek.


Summer 2019 TBD

Krosno Creek Culvert Replacements and Erosion Control Project

Replace existing culverts at Alyssum Street, Reytan Boulevard and Morden Lane. Rehabilitation of Krosno Creek between Reytan Boulevard and Sandy Beach Road.

Winter 2019 TBD

Parks & Trails

Project Name Project Description Status Contractor/Consultant

Centennial Park Baseball Diamond Reconstruction


Replacement of baseball diamond backstop and lighting and installation of new outfield fence and warning track.

Spring 2019

Locpave Construction Inc.

Centennial Park Picnic Shelter and Amenities

Installation of a picnic shelter, asphalt pathways connecting all the park amenities and tree planting.

Fall 2019


Esplanade Park Ontario Main Street Revitalization Initiative


Widening of the sidewalk along Valley Farm Road, installation of public art, tree plantings, concrete seat walls and other site furniture.

Summer/Fall 2019

Pine Valley Corporation

Forestbrook Park


 Various Pathways Reconstruction

Summer 2019

Bond Paving & Construction Inc.

Neighbourhood Park, Seaton

Construction of the first neighbourhood park in Seaton, located on Azalea Avenue, in association with DG Group

Fall 2019


Usman Green Park Construction


Construction of new village green in the Brockridge Neighbourhood. Park features include: children's playground, shade structure, pathways, site furniture and tree planting.

Spring 2019

Real Landscaping Plus Inc.

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