The list below identifies capital construction projects for roads (including streetlighting, traffic signals and sidewalks) bridges & culverts and parks & trails.  Projects where the Region of Durham is the lead proponent, involving upgrades to City infrastructure, are indicated as such. Feel free to contact Engineering Services for more information.

The Region of Durham Works Department provides other essential municipal services to residents and businesses within Durham Region, including construction, design, and environmental assessment projects that are not captured below. Please visit the Region of Durham website to search current projects and studies, and view their project map.

Roads Projects (including streetlighting, traffic signals, and sidewalks)

Project NameDescription Status Contractor/Consultant

Asphalt Resurfacing Various City Streets

Tender No. T2022-4


  • Granite Court - from Ironstone Manor to Whites Road (RR#38);
  • Fieldlight Boulevard - from Glenview Road to Valley Farm Road; 
  • Shadybrook Drive - from Shadybrook Tot Lot (east end) to Spruce Hill Road;
  • Bainbridge Drive - from Kingston Road (Hwy #2) to 375m south of Kingston Road;
  • Pickering Parkway - from Valley Farm Road to 480m east of Valley Farm Road;
  • Parkside Drive - from New Street to 150m north of New Street;
  • Rawlings Drive - from Rambleberry Avenue to Glenanna Road;
  • Chipmunk Street - from Sunrise Avenue to Oklahoma Drive;
  • Grenoble Boulevard - from Fuschia Lane to Naroch Boulevard;
  • Haller Avenue - from Douglas Avenue to Liverpool Road;
  • Lublin Avenue - from Parkham Crescent to Alyssum Street; and, 
  • Rosefield Road - from Glenview Road to Fieldlight Boulevard.

Summer/Fall 2022

Viola Management Inc.


Sidewalks/Multi-use Paths
Project NameProject DescriptionStatusContractor/Consultant

Kingston Road & Finch Avenue 

New Asphalt Sidewalk Construction 

Tender No. T2022-3

  • Kingston Road (at the Whites Road Off-Ramp) New Asphalt Sidewalk 
  • Finch Avenue New Asphalt Sidewalk - south side between 1543 Finch Avenue and Guild Road

Summer/Fall 2022

Buildscapes Construction Limited

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