The list below identifies capital construction projects for roads (including streetlighting, traffic signals and sidewalks) bridges & culverts and parks & trails.  Projects where the Region of Durham is the lead proponent, involving upgrades to City infrastructure, are indicated as such. Feel free to contact Engineering Services for more information.

The Region of Durham Works Department provides other essential municipal services to residents and businesses within Durham Region, including construction, design, and environmental assessment projects that are not captured below. Please visit the Region of Durham website to search current projects and studies, and view their project map.

Capital Projects
Project Description StatusContractor

Tender No. T2022-10
Fairview Avenue Reconstruction Project


Fairview Avenue Reconstruction – Browning Avenue to the south terminus. The proposed works include detailed design, the installation of a storm sewer, road reconstruction, and complete boulevard restoration (grading and sodding) as required.

Notice of Construction - T2022-10

Spring/Summer 2023



IPAC Paving Limited




Tender No. T2022-12
Breezy Drive/Sunrise Avenue - Storm Sewer Outfall Reconstruction  

Breezy Drive/Sunrise Avenue – Storm Sewer Outfall Reconstruction.  The proposed works include reconstruction of the existing storm sewer and outfall and new construction of a stormwater management facility (sediment forebay).

Notice of Construction - T2022-12

Spring/Summer 2023 Mianco Group Inc.

Quotation No. Q2022-19
Construction of Two Basketball Facilities in Usman Green and Canadian Green

Installation of asphalt pavement, basketball hoop, line painting and associated landscape works for small half-court basketball facilities in Usman Green and Canadian Green.

Spring/Summer 2023


Mianco Group Inc. 

Tender No. T2022-11
Esplanade Park – Meditation, Mindfulness and Music Garden


Installation of concrete paving, , precast concrete and wood site furniture, raised garden bed and music themed shade structure. Under other separate contracts: installation of Freenotes Harmony Park outdoor musical instruments (supplied by ABC Recreation) and public art feature (design and construction by Studio F Minus). 

 Ongoing  Orin Contractors Corp.

Tender No. T2021-37
Rotary Frenchman's Bay West Park - Washroom Building Implementation

Construction of a new park washroom and parks maintenance staff area north of the existing parking lot in Rotary Frenchman's Bay West Park. Spring/Summer 2023 Melfer Construction Inc. 

Tender No. T2022-9
Rotary Frenchman's Bay West Park Reconstruction - Phase 2 of the Park Master Plan Implementation

Reconstruction of the pedestrian path from the parking area to the Frenchman's Bay Harbour Entrance, construction of an accessible canoe/kayak launch, recreation/fishing node, installation of a shade structure, site furniture, restoration plantings and fish habitat creation along the Frenchman's Bay shoreline. Spring/Summer 2023 Orin Contractors Corp.



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