The Cultural Advisory Committee (CAC) will identify and coordinate opportunities for stakeholder and community engagement and provide community input on matters relating to the provision of cultural services, including the Pickering Museum Village. The CAC will assist City staff with the development, consultation, and implementation of the Cultural Strategic Plan.

Goals, Objectives and Responsibilities

The City of Pickering Cultural Strategic Plan, approved by Council on June 16, 2014 as per resolution #247/14, sets a vision for the place of arts, culture and heritage in the City and identifies strategic directions for policy, investment, partnerships and programs for the next 10 years. The CAC will work towards building on the success of the 2014 plan, with a focus on assisting City staff/consultants on an updated Cultural Strategic Plan that aligns with current cultural and museum trends.

Committee responsibilities include

  • Assist and advise staff on the implementation of the Cultural Strategic Plan;
  • Assist and advise staff on the development and review of policy relating to cultural development;
  • Assist and advise staff on matters concerning the strategic planning, development and evaluation for cultural development in the municipality;
  • Advocate for culture and promote community-wide cultural initiatives;
  • Provide consultation, research and report findings and make recommendations as necessary on matters of culture within the City of Pickering;
  • Encourage and promote effective communication between community cultural groups, individuals and the City;
  • Advise and develop working relationships with owners of businesses, Business Improvement Areas (BIA) and Chamber of Commerce;
  • Review and recommend actions based on the Pickering Museum Village’s operating plan;
  • Review and recommend actions based on the Public Art Policy;
  • Advocate and promote the value and benefit of cultural activities for all; and,
  • Report annually to Council.

The CAC will not be responsible for the following:

  1. Program delivery;
  2. Budget approval;
  3. Day-to-day operations of City-owned facilities; and
  4. Administrative matters including direction given to staff.


The Committee shall have a membership of not more than 10 Citizen Appointments selected from the public. Members from the public must reside in Pickering and represent a broad range of interests and experience in the cultural sector. Examples of committee member experience may include: creator of an artistic work, designer, professional artist or cultural business owner, graphic designer, architect, landscape designer, performing arts professionals, musicians, festival or event planners, professionals and contributors to the heritage field, professionals from historical and heritage fields of study.

City Staff from the Community Services Department will also make up the Committee.

The term of this committee is two years.

Member Qualifications

Qualifications include the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to contribute effectively to the Committee’s objectives. Membership will be sought on the basis of broad interest, understanding and commitment to cultural development in the municipality, in addition to specific expertise and interest related to Culture.

Meeting Schedule

The Cultural Advisory Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month.

Established meeting dates and times shall not be changed unless circumstances warrant special consideration. Meetings will not be held in the months of July, August or December unless determined by the Committee that a meeting is necessary to meet the mandate or work plan of the Committee.

Appointments (Term ending November 14, 2024)

Samantha Almeida-Schroen
Ruvette Coelho
Daniel Davis
Jessica Elliot
Zeynab Kazi
Michael McFarland
Azmat Mujeeb
Debbie Thompson
Ruchi Wali
Ansonett Palmer

Additional Resources

The City of Pickering Cultural Strategic Plan sets a vision for the place of arts, culture and heritage in the City and identifies strategic directions for policy, investment, partnerships and programs for 10 years.

Contact Information

Department Representative
Jesse St. Amant
905.420.4660, ext. 3607

Agendas & Minutes

To retrieve a document, connect to Corporate Records, then use the search option or browse through folders. For example, if you are looking for a committee agenda, start by selecting Agendas, then Boards & Advisory Committees, then the committee name, the year, and the meeting date.