Do I need to fill out an Application if I have a resume?

  • No. Application forms are only necessary if stated on the job posting.

Where do I get an Application?

Where do I submit my Application/Resume?

How long does the City keep Applications?

  • We keep resumes on file for 6 months.

Will I be contacted if I apply to a posted position?

  • Only applicants who are invited for an interview are contacted.

How do I know when you are hiring?

How often do you hire firefighters?

  • We are no longer accepting applications for Firefighter positions.  Future positions will be advertised on our Employment Opportunities page.

How do I apply for a student job?

  • Jobs are advertised in December and January for Student Labourers, Camp Staff and Museum Tour Guides and interviews take place in February and March. The postings will appear on our website and on the community page of the Pickering News Advertiser. The same application and hiring process applies.