Each year, the City of Pickering actively seeks out, applies for, and receives funding from both the Provincial and Federal Government, among other sources, that assists with the cost of providing a broad and diverse array of municipal services, programs, events, and critical infrastructure investments.

Participating in available grant programs helps to strengthen ties with the senior levels of government, and enables the City of Pickering to enhance its service provision while remaining fiscally responsible to residents and businesses.


Project amount approved, funded by grants Project/Program Funded

The below grants are applied to capital infrastructure designated and/or appropriate for the grants

Federal Gas Tax Funds (FGT)

2020: $2,554,844

LED Streetlighting Conversion, Stormwater Facilities Asset Management Plan, Asset Management Plan, sidewalks rehabilitation, energy efficient projects, roads asphalt resurfacing project.

Oaklahoma Drive asphalt resurfacing  Sheppard Avenue asphalt resurfacing 

Streetlight LED Installation  Central Street Sidewalk

Investing in Canada: General Infrastructure


General Infrastructure Projects are listed below, and are shown on the Digital Signage page.

Capacity Building Projects Currently in Progress

  • Asset Management Plan $440,000
  • Stormwater Facilities Asset Management Plan $300,000

Recreation Projects Currently in Progress

  • Don Beer Arena Rink 3 Refrigeration Plant Upgrades $240,000
  • Civic Complex, Brougham and Claremont Community Centres Rehabilitation and Retrofits $380,000
  • Rink 1 & 2 Refrigeration Plant Rebuild at Don Beer Arena and O'Brien Arena Header Replacement $710,000
  • Recreation Complex Capital Enhancements Retrofits $520,000
  • Recreation Complex, Main Flat Roof and Skylight Retrofit $157,000

Recreation Complex flat roof repairs   Don Beer refrigeration   Don Beer refrigeration

 Investing in Canada: Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Projects are listed below, and are shown on the Digital Signage page.

Community Energy Systems Projects Currently in Progress

  • Heating Boiler System Replacement $325,000
  • Energy Retrofits in Multiple Municipal Buildings $1,580,000
  • Civic Complex - Chilled Water and Condenser Pumps Replacement $110,000
  • George Ashe Library & Community Centre-Replacement of Rooftop HVAC Unit $100,000
  • Dr. Nelson F. Tomlinson Community Centre – Replacement of Rooftop HVAC Units $280,000
Investing in Canada: Trade and Transportation

Trade and Transportation Projects are listed below, and are shown on the Digital Signage page.

Local Roads Project

  • Westshore Neighbourhood $120,000
Invest in Ontario (IOA)

2021: $130,000

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Invest in Ontario (IOA)

Completed 2015-2019

2019: $8,578

2016: $159,000

2015: $40,000

2019: The purchase of a culvert steamer.

2018 and 2017: Did not undertake any projects. 

2016: Outfront Mowers/Zero Turn Movers Replacement, Air Conditional Recovery & Charging Unit for vehicles, Museum-Conservation Barn Reconstruction-Design only, Parks Central Control Irrigation System.

2015: Kittley Ave Culvert-Inlet Channel Improvements.

 A street sweeper vehicle

Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF)

2021 Contribution:
Funds received in 2021 will be directed to the Whitevale Master Drainage Plan, anticipated to commence in 2022.  

Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF)

Completed 2015-2021

In 2020, contribution was increased to $880,357

In 2019, contribution was increased to $870,932

In 2018, the contribution was increased to $554,998

In 2017, the grant was revised and increased to $390,315.

The City received $198,740 per year in 2015 and 2016.

Funds received in 2020 contributed to the Asphalt Resurfacing works on Shadybrook Drive, Naroch Boulevard, Granite Court, and Redbird Crescent. Project completed in 2020. Project cost of $854,375 was funded entirely from OCIF Grant.

Funds received in 2018 and 2019 contributed to the Altona Bridge replacement construction project. Project completed in 2021. The estimated project cost of $1.5m will be fully funded by the OCIF grant.

In 2017, the grant contributed to the Strouds Lane - Rosebank Rd. to Amberlea Rd. asphalt resurfacing project. Project cost of $335,510 fully funded by OCIF Grant.

In 2016, the grant contributed to the Glenanna Road-Asphalt Resurfacing project.

Project cost of $328,082 funded as follows: FGT $129,342 and OCIF Grant $198,740. 

In 2015, the grant contributed to the Fieldlight Boulevard-Asphalt Resurfacing project (Glenanna Road to Rosefield Road).

Project cost of $201,203. Funded as follows:
OCIF Grant - $198,948 (includes interest earned)
Roads & Bridges Reserve Fund (City's share) - $2,255.

Granite Court


Altona Bridge


Fieldlight Asphalt Resurfacing


Strouds Lane

Swim Drink Fish Canada

Contribution from W. Garfield Weston Foundation


Funds designated for:

  1. Native trees, shrubs, & perennials - completed in 2018.
  2. Shoreline restoration, and Community stewardship program - 2021/2022 project.

Shade Structure

Picnic Area

Grants listed below are applied to operating costs such as staffing, programs, and events

Department of Canadian Heritage, Museum Assistance Program  

2021: $30,000

Funding to improve artifact collection storage at the Pickering Museum Village  

Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Cultural Spaces Fund


Funding for construction of the Pickering Heritage & Community Centre  

Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Cultural Investment Fund


Funding for the Durham Region Cultural Tourism Initiative, led by the Pickering Museum Village  

Digital Museums Canada Investment Program, Managed by the Canadian Museum of History

2021 – 2022: $100,400

Funding to the Pickering Museum Village to develop the website, ‘Blacksmithing in Ontario’, and virtual education programs in partnership with five museums and institutions across Ontario.  

Province of Ontario, Rural Economic Development Program

2021 – 2022: $44,400

Funding to improve exhibits at the Greenwood Blacksmith Shop and to draw regional tourists to the Pickering Museum Village  

Province of Ontario, Community Museum Digital Capacity Top Up Grant

2021: $25,000

Funding to improve digital capacity at Pickering Museum Village including virtual programs, WIFI upgrades and security cameras.  

Updated July 15, 2021