The City of Pickering and Pickering Developments Inc. are undertaking a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for a new Highway 401 road crossing to connect Notion Road to Squires Beach Road.

October 17, 2019
Notice of Completion of Environmental Study Report

Environmental Study Report

Please contact Engineering Services for the following documents:

  • Environmental Study Report - Executive Summary
  • Environmental Study Report - Main Report 
  • Appendix A - Part II Order Request Form
  • Appendix B - Transportation Considerations Memorandum
  • Appendix C - Foundation Investigation and Design Report
  • Appendix D - Natural Environment Report
  • Appendix E - Hydrogeological Assessment Report
  • Appendix F - Storm Drainage and Stormwater Management Evaluation Report
  • Appendix G - Noise Impact Study
  • Appendix H - MECP Resident Response Letter
  • Appendix I - Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment
  • Appendix J - Cultural Heritage Resource Assessment
  • Appendix K - Response to Metropia Design Concepts
  • Appendix L - Design Criteria
  • Appendix M - Preliminary Structural Design Report
  • Appendix N - Preliminary General Arrangement
  • Appendix O - Preliminary Design Plans
  • Appendix P - Preliminary Cost Estimate
  • Appendix Q - Consultation
    • Appendix Q1 - Consultation - Study Notifications
    • Appendix Q2 - Consultation - PICs and Focused Resident Meeting
    • Appendix Q3 - Consultation - Agency Correspondence
    • Appendix Q4 - Consultation - Public Correspondence
    • Appendix Q5 - Consultation - Indigenous Community Correspondence
    • Appendix Q6 - Consultation - Review Agency Comments on the Draft ESR
  • Appendix R - Air Quality Qualitative Assessment Memorandum


Community Engagement

Study Update - July 2019

Please contact Engineering Services for any of the following documents:

  • Brochure

Public Information Session #2 was held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 from 6 pm – 8 pm at Pickering City Hall.

  • Display Boards
  • Comment Form
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Public Information Session #1 was held on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 from 6-8 pm at Pickering City Hall.

  • Display Boards
  • Comment Form


The City of Pickering Official Plan, Edition 7 (2017), the Town of Ajax Official Plan (2016), the Region of Durham Official Plan (2017), and the Region of Durham Transportation Master Plan (2017) have identified the need for a new Highway 401 road crossing to link Notion Road with Squires Beach Road as a means of providing additional north-south capacity and neighbourhood connectivity.

Highway 401 is an important transportation corridor supporting the function and growth of the City of Pickering but it is a physical barrier to north-south movement, which affects the road networks, transit efficiency as well as the growth and economic vitality of the area. With continued growth, this road crossing will offer the City of Pickering additional north-south capacity to move people, goods and services through existing and planned future neighbourhoods.

Study Process

This Study is intended to improve network connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists resulting from continued growth in the City of Pickering and bring relief to the existing road infrastructure. The Study also supports the preparation for development of lands located south of Highway 401 and the rail corridor, west of Church Street South, East of a Canadian National Railway spur line, and north of Bayly Street.

Environmental Assessment Study Area

This Study is being conducted in accordance with the four phase planning and design process for Schedule ‘C’ projects, as outlined in the Municipal Class EA process (Municipal Engineers Association, October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015), which is approved under the Environmental Assessment Act (R.S.O. 1990, c. E.18). Phase 1 of the Study will define the problem or opportunity, Phase 2 will identify and evaluate alternative solutions to the problem or opportunity, Phase 3 will evaluate alternative design concepts for the preferred solution and recommend a preferred design concept for the new road crossing, and Phase 4 will include the completion of an Environmental Study Report (ESR) for public and agency review.

Please contact Engineering Services for the following documents:

  • Map of Study Area
  • Notice of Study Commencement and Public Information Centre

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