Pickering is experiencing major growth and intensification. A number of plans, projects and studies are in place to accommodate future growth, and build on City beautification. It is important that our planning and design result in an inclusive community that promotes social interaction, fosters community health and individual wellbeing, and distinguishes us from neighbouring municipalities.

We encourage collaboration at every stage of planning, and work with our community stakeholders to make Pickering a connected, supported and sustainable City. We are exploring exciting challenges and opportunities that are transforming Pickering into a dynamic city.

Proposed Amendment to the Pickering Official Plan (response to Bill 109)

The City of Pickering has approved changes to the Pickering Official Plan for pre-consultation, complete application requirements, and peer review. The changes also include adding new policies for pre-submission review. The purpose of the amendment is to revise the policies in the Official Plan in relation to the development review process in response to recent changes to the Planning Act through Bill 109.

The City of Pickering also approved changes to the Pre-consultation By-law and to the fees collected for development applications. The purpose is to better reflect the amount of staff time that is required at each stage of the development review process.

The new processes and fees will take effect on July 1, 2023.

Details of the approved changes can be found in the reports linked below.

This matter was considered at the Planning & Development Committee on April 3, 2023.

On December 5, 2022, Pickering Council considered the following items:

Questions on the changes may be directed to Paul Wirch (pwirch@pickering.ca or 905.420.4660, extension 2140). 

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