Pickering is experiencing major growth and intensification. A number of plans, projects and studies are in place to accommodate future growth, and build on City beautification. It is important that our planning and design result in an inclusive community that promotes social interaction, fosters community health and individual wellbeing, and distinguishes us from neighbouring municipalities.

We encourage collaboration at every stage of planning, and work with our community stakeholders to make Pickering a connected, supported and sustainable City. We are exploring exciting challenges and opportunities that are transforming Pickering into a dynamic city.

New Community Benefits Charge By-law

In 2020, changes to the Planning Act replaced the density and height bonus provisions with a new financial tool, a Community Benefits Charge (CBC). A CBC is a financial contribution paid when land is developed that goes toward the capital costs of municipal facilities, services and other matters. CBCs can be used by municipalities to recover the costs for:

  1. Additional land for parks or public recreation. (In excess of lands already provided or funded through the Parkland By-law).
  2. Capital costs for services that are not funded by Development Charges.

Pickering Council approved a Community Benefits Charge By-law on July 11, 2022.

New Parkland By-law

The Planning Act gives municipalities the authority to have developers provide public parkland as a condition of their development approvals. Recent changes to the Planning Act require all municipalities to replace their existing Parkland By-laws. Accordingly, Pickering Council approved a new Parkland By-law on July 11, 2022.

The new Parkland By-law conforms with the parkland rates provided in the Planning Act. 

Questions on the new Parkland By-law may be directed to Paul Wirch (pwirch@pickering.ca or 905.420.4660, extension 2140). 

Ongoing Studies