BeADonor Month - April 2020

Every April, Ontarians celebrate BeADonor Month, a time in which all Ontarians are encouraged to show their support for organ and tissue donation by registering.

Right now, there are over 1,500 people in Ontario waiting for a life-saving, medically urgent organ transplant, and every three days, someone dies waiting.

One organ donor has the potential to save eight lives and enhance up to 75 more through the gift of tissue. Since 2003, over 15,000 Ontarians have received a life-saving organ transplant.

To show your support for BeADonor Month, please register online at or in person at any ServiceOntario location, and talk to your loved ones about organ and tissue donation today.

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Limb Loss Awareness Month - April 2020

There is an estimated 227,000 Canadians that are affected by an amputation or have a limb difference. A study of adult patients between 2007 and 2009 reported that approximately 5342 patients underwent lower limb extremity amputations. Amputations are frequently indicated after admission due to other complications including diabetes (81%), cardiovascular disease (6%), cancer (3%) and trauma. 26% of patients are often discharged to inpatient rehabilitation centres while others are sent home without support.

One of the issues many amputees face is isolation that often lead to mental health issues. Proclaiming April Limb Loss Awareness Month, we can further reach out to amputees and their families that they are not alone in their journey; and it aligns with the City of Pickering's efforts to be inclusive, which includes our amputee community.

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World Autism Awareness Day - April 2, 2020

Thursday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. And while social distancing affects how Autism Ontario marks the event, it does not change the meaning and significance.

“Instead of friends celebrating World Autism Awareness Day by meeting together to raise the flag across the province, they are being encouraged to celebrate the day safely with their own families with virtual activities that will mark the occasion,” said Margaret Spoelstra, Executive Director, Autism Ontario.

You are invited to take part in the virtual flag raising and a flag colouring contest (with prizes!). Looking for more events to keep your family engaged and together while social distancing? Check out their list of educational and fun activities and keep an eye out for upcoming webinars, support groups, and interactive online events that will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

“It’s on days like when we raise our flag, that we as a community come together and collectively develop awareness, acceptance, understanding, and create a stronger community,” said Spoelstra. “We’re inspired by the parents and families who have led the way in raising hundreds of flags every year across Ontario.”

Don’t forget to follow them on social media. Use #RaisetheFlagforAutism to share your own activities with them and other members of the Autism Ontario family!

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Human Values Day - April 24, 2020

In today’s world, we see disturbances, chaos and unrest due to the neglect of human values at the individual, family, community, national and international levels. By creating greater awareness to human values, we can raise people’s characters and bring harmony in our homes and communities, order in the nation and peace in the world.

Let us take the time to reflect on ourselves and dedicate April 24 as Human Values Day. Increasing awareness of Canada’s commitment to human values by encouraging citizens to foster a climate that promotes, supports and celebrates “excellence in character” in our schools, businesses, homes and community-based organizations in order to strengthen the families and communities in Canada and around the world. Rekindling human values around the world by Canadian initiatives is a step forward to achieving universal peace and security on the planet, and harmonious coexistence among different people and cultures.

Sathya Sai School Toronto organized the first “Walk for Values” in 2003 to raise awareness of the importance of practicing universal human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and nonviolence. It is now an annual event in cities across Canada and around the world. Participants of all ages and backgrounds have pledged to practice a human value that will enrich their lives and help make the world a better place. In doing so, they have the opportunity to reflect on their blessings as a nation and the values they hold dear: peace, freedom, respect, compassion and diversity.

Visit for more information.

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Maternal Mental Health Week - May 3 to 10, 2020

The week of May 3 - 10 has been declared Maternal Mental Health Week. Work is being done to get Canada’s first-ever national perinatal mental health strategy to raise more awareness about maternal mental health, and to let others know that there is help and they are not alone.
The Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative would like others to open up and share their experiences. They would like to raise awareness of all mental health around prenatal and postnatal.

Visit for more information.

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Girls Rights Week - May 4 to 8, 2020

Girls Inc. of Durham is a registered charity (Bn118809268 RR0001) that serves all of Durham Region. They are celebrating over 34 years of serving girls in Durham Region by providing group programs to thousands of girls and young women. Girls Inc. of Durham empowers girls to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. They inspire all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold through advocacy, education and programs.

Girls Inc. offers programming for girls integrating skills relating to the Girls Inc. Girls Bill of Rights which states that all girls have the right:

  • to be myself and to resist gender stereotypes
  • to express myself with originality and enthusiasm
  • to take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success
  • to accept and appreciate my body
  • to have confidence in myself and to be safe in the world
  • to prepare for interesting work and economic independence

Each year, Girls Inc. of Durham joins girls throughout Canada and the U.S. in celebrating GIRLS INC. WEEK. This year, Girls Inc. Week, “She Leads: Inspired and Engaged in Civic Life”, will occur on May 4 - 8, 2020. They will celebrate Girls Inc. Week across their networks and community. On Wednesday, May 13, they will be hosting a celebration event. 

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·         World Autism Awareness Day – April 2, 2020