A proclamation is a ceremonial document designating a period (special day, week or month) given to reward the efforts and commitments of recognized organizations or events that enhance our community and for a reason that is significant to City of Pickering residents.

Requests for proclamations which primarily serve to benefit one or more of the following causes are generally accepted:

  • arts and cultural celebrations;
  • charitable fundraising campaigns;
  • civic promotions; and
  • public awareness campaigns.

Requests for proclamations which fall into any one of the following groups will not be approved:

  • matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs or individual conviction;
  • promotion of business or commercial enterprise;
  • if the intent is contrary to corporate policies or municipal by-laws;
  • if the intent is to defame the integrity of the City, Member of Council, or staff person; or
  • if the event or organization has no direct relationship to the City of Pickering.

Submit your proclamation request at least 3 weeks prior to the desired proclamation period.

We post all proclamations on our website, view the current list.

For more information, please contact the Council Office.