The City of Pickering is proceeding with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and Detailed Design for the proposed Sandy Beach Road reconstruction from Montgomery Park Road to Bayly Street. The Municipal Class EA study is being conducted in accordance with the process under the Municipal Engineers Association's, Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) (October 2000, amended 2007, 2011 and 2015).

Sandy Beach Road key map

Sandy Beach Road is an Arterial Road Class C, from Bayly Street south 950 metres and is a collector Road south 1,080 metres to Montgomery Park Road, under the jurisdiction of the City of Pickering. It has an approximate AADT of 4500. It is currently a two-lane roadway and has a rural cross-section. It is located in the Brock Industrial Area serving commercial businesses, and serves Kinsmen Park, Alex Robertson Park and the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station at the south end and provides a means of access to the Bay Ridges neighbourhood to the west. The existing Waterfront Trail crosses Sandy Beach Road close to the intersection of Montgomery Road and Sandy Beach Road (refer to the Study Area shown on the key map).

Sandy Beach Road has been proposed for reconstruction, because of its poor road base, drainage issues, poor rideability condition and lack of pedestrian oriented facilities. There are two major existing structures, one culvert and one bridge on Sandy Beach Road. Krosno Creek crosses Sandy Beach Road at two locations, as shown in the key map. The results of the Municipal Class EA will determine the future cross section of the road, drainage requirements, and any requirement for sidewalks, multi-use paths and cycling facilities.

September 26, 2019
Notice of Study Completion

August 16, 2017
Notice of Study Commencement

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