March 23, 2023

Based on the 30 day public review period, the study is complete.

The City of Pickering has initiated a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to extend Walnut Lane from the section presently constructed south of Kingston Road, eastward to Liverpool Road (see map). The Municipal Class EA study is being conducted in accordance with the process under the Municipal Engineers Association's, Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) (October 2000, amended 2007, 2011 and 2015).

Walnut Lane location mapWalnut Lane is a two lane road and currently connects Glenanna Road to Kingston Road, on the north side of Kingston Road. On the south side, it provides driveway access to a private commercial development complex. Walnut Lane has two through lanes and one left turn, on the south side.

The extension is required to service existing, approved and proposed development in the Town Centre neighbourhood, and will accommodate all road users (vehicles including public transit, cyclists and pedestrians) following "Complete Streets" principles. Potential structure alternatives over Pine Creek will also be considered.

To obtain any of the information listed below, please email Engineering Services.

Notice of Study Completion

October 20, 2022

March 23, 2023

  • Based on the 30 day public review period, the study is complete.


Appendix A-M available upon request: 

  • Appendix A. Need and Justification Assessment and Identification of Preferred
  • Alternative Report
  • Appendix B. Scoped Environmental Impact Study Report
  • Appendix C. Fluvial Geomorphology Assessment Report
  • Appendix D. Hydraulic Assessment Memorandum
  • Appendix E. Air Quality Qualitative Assessment Memorandum
  • Appendix F. Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment Report
  • Appendix G. Cultural Heritage Memorandum
  • Appendix H. Drawings
  • Appendix I. Preliminary Construction Cost Estimate
  • Appendix J. Public Consultation Record
  • Appendix K. Stakeholder and Agency Consultation Record
  • Appendix L. Indigenous Communities Consultation Record
  • Appendix M. Close-out Memorandum

Please email Engineering Services to obtain any of the background reports.

November 19, 2020

Public Information Centre (PIC) #2

June 2019
Public Information Centre (PIC) #1

PIC #1 was presented in an on-line format with materials available for review from June 27, 2019 until July 25, 2019

  • PIC #1 presentation material
  • Notice of Public Information Centre (PIC) #1

August 16, 2017
Notice of Study Commencement