The new term of Council began on November 15, 2022. View the results from Pickering’s 2022 Municipal Election. 

City Council is the governing body of the municipality of Pickering, and is comprised of 1 Mayor and 6 Members of Council. The Mayor represents all Pickering residents and the Councillors represent 1 of 3 wards. The Mayor and Councillors serve a 4 year term. The most recent municipal election was held on October 24, 2022.

Municipal Council

Municipalities are governed by municipal councils. The job of municipal councils is to make decisions about municipal financing and services. In Ontario, the head of municipal council is either called the Mayor or the Reeve. The Members of Council are either called Councillors or Aldermen.

The Mayor and Regional Councillors sit on both the City Council and the Council of the Regional Municipality of Durham.  The City Councillors sit on City Council only. The Mayor and all Councillors serve a 4 year term. 

How is the Head of Council Elected?

The head of council is elected by voters across the entire City of Pickering. The head of our municipal council is currently Mayor Kevin Ashe.

How are Councillors Elected?

The Regional and City Councillors are elected by voters in 1 of the 3 respective wards. Pickering is divided into 3 wards each having 2 representatives on council; 1 Municipal (City) Councillor and 1 Regional Councillor.  

Pickering's City Councillors are:

  • Lisa Robinson, City Councillor - Ward 1
  • Mara Nagy, City Councillor - Ward 2
  • Shaheen Butt, City Councillor - Ward 3

Pickering's Regional Councillors are:

  • Maurice Brenner, Regional Councillor - Ward 1
  • Linda Cook, Regional Councillor - Ward 2
  • David Pickles, Regional Councillor - Ward 3

View Pickering's Mayor, Councillors and Ward Map

What about Regional Councils?

The head of a regional council is called a Regional Chair. The Chair is chosen by the eligible electors in the Region of Durham. Pickering is represented at Durham Regional Council by Mayor Kevin Ashe, and Regional Councillors Maurice Brenner, Linda Cook, and David Pickles. These Councillors represent us at the Region of Durham as well as the City of Pickering.


All 7 Members of Council are responsible for:

  • the management and administration of the City's resources
  • land use planning, maintenance of local roads, storm sewers, fire prevention and firefighting, recreation facilities and programs, animal control, lottery licensing, tax collections, local library system and other related matters

Find out more information about City Administration and Services.

The Mayor and Regional Councillors are also responsible for:

  • matters such as general welfare assistance, sanitary sewers, water, police, maintenance of the Regional road system and other related matters

Meetings to be attended

All 7 Members of Council attend:

  • Council and Committee meetings.
  • a number of boards and committees such as: Elexicon Energy, Public Library Board, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, and the Pickering Auxiliary Rescue Association.

The Mayor and Regional Councillors also attend:

  • Council and Committee meetings at the Regional level.
  • share in attendance at a large number of agencies for which the Region is either responsible for or is asked to appoint persons such as Durham Non Profit Housing, Rouge Park Alliance, the Toronto & Region Conservation Authority and many others.

Our Town History and the Crest


While the first human existence in Pickering Township is unknown, discoveries of artifacts around the mouth of Duffins Creek indicate that it was at least 4,000 years ago.

By 1849 half of the Township had been cleared and was under cultivation. In that year, Pickering Township achieved the political status it held until 1974.  At that time, Ontario County became the Regional Municipality of Durham, and the Township of Pickering, with all its villages and hamlets, became the Town of Pickering.

Through the years, the roles and structure of Pickering's Council has changed dramatically. View the transformation of Council as a Township, Town and City from 1811 to present.

For additional historic information, please visit the Pickering Public Library, or contact library staff at 905.831.6265 to book an appointment to visit their Local History Room.

For information on park name dedications, please view the Parks & Facilities database and select a park from the list.

History of the Crest

City of Pickering crestThe original crest was designed to represent the municipality.

The following list explains each aspect of the crest:

  • the atom represents atomic energy
  • the gear represents industry
  • the sheaf of wheat represents agriculture
  • the wavy lines at the bottom represent our location on Lake Ontario
  • the leaves represent our greenspace

A New Beginning ... A Legacy Logo

City of Pickering legacy logoThe year 2000 was a year of change.  As the municipality readied itself for the 21st century, we acquired "City" status.  The City of Pickering became "Canada's Only Millennium City". 

To commemorate this change, a new corporate logo was designed and was used in all areas of corporate communication. It clearly incorporated the Civic Complex building, a prominent landmark in our community, and was gracefully retired in 2016 as part of a corporate branding exercise.

New City of Pickering Logo

City of Pickering logoIn 2016, the Legacy Logo was modified to reflect the City's vision for a clear, simplified brand. Although the Legacy Logo is still prevalent in many places throughout the community, the new City Logo now serves as the City's primary identifier and is used across many of the City's marketing and communications channels.

Use of the City Logo

Public Affairs and Corporate Communications administers the usage and reproduction of Pickering's logo. 

Any questions concerning the logo should be directed to

The Provincial and Federal Government representatives for Pickering are:

Provincial, Pickering-Uxbridge:
Peter Bethlenfalvy, MPP Pickering-Uxbridge

Constituency Office
1550 Kingston Road, Suite 213
Pickering, ON  L1V 1C3
T. 905.509.0336 

Federal, Pickering-Uxbridge Riding:
Jennifer O'Connell, MP Pickering-Uxbridge

Constituency Office
1154 Kingston Road, Unit 4
Pickering, ON L1V 1B5
T. 905.839.2878

Ottawa Office
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Provincial Links:

Federal Links: