Esplanade Park was the focus of a Provincial Main Street grant from 2018-2020. Through that funding, the City installed several pieces of permanent public art, including four sculptures by artist Geordie Lishman titled: ‘Spirit of Pickering’, and two sculptures by artist Ron Baird titled: ‘Pollinators’. Phase One upgrades (landscaping and seating) were also completed in 2020. At that time, only Phase 1 of the Project was implemented in Esplanade Park.

In Phase 2, the City created a Reflections Garden in Esplanade Park. In response to the pandemic, the garden will provide a public space for people to practice self-care and reflection. The park will include sensory plantings, accessible seating, and playable music instruments. There will also be a new piece of public artwork titled: ‘Reflections’ by artists Studio F Minus, that will further tie into the overarching theme of mindfulness and meditation.

With the approval of Report CS 34-21 (Resolution #714/21) at the Council meeting of October 25, 2021, Council endorsed grant applications to the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FEDASO) and Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) for the Improvement of Pickering’s Esplanade Park. Grant funding was confirmed by the Federal Agency on February 7, 2022 and the Esplanade Park Improvement Project – Reflections Garden was included in the 2022 Current Budget.

On July 21, 2022 Mayor Ryan, Members of Council, and MP O’Connell for Pickering-Uxbridge gathered in Pickering’s Esplanade Park to make the official funding announcement and showcased what’s planned for the future of Esplanade Park as part of the City’s Phase Two upgrades.

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This landmark project, located at the north east corner of Esplanade Park, provides space for residents and visitors to relax, reflect and immerse themselves into tranquil musical tunes.

The Reflections Garden was officially unveiled on May 27, 2023 during the opening ceremony of Artfest, Pickering's annual art festival.

funded by government of canada


Additional Information

Permanent Public Art

“REFLECTIONS” by Studio F Minus was installed in Esplanade Park in 2023 as part of Phase 2 - Meditation, Mindfulness and Music.


“Not only does the sculpture function as a focal point for quiet reflection and contemplation for those who seek it, its captivating, multi-faceted, mirrored surface inspires playful interaction that is fully inclusive to Pickering’s diverse range of residents and tourists.” – Studio F Minus 


Funded by Canada


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Playable Musical Instruments

An array of acoustically and aesthetically interactive outdoor musical instruments will be installed at the garden. The Freenotes Harmony Park musical instruments are durable, sustainable and tuned sound sculptures that will further enhance the Reflections Garden.


Concept for Playable Musical Instruments 

Shade Structure and Additional Seating

Alongside the musical instruments, the Reflections Garden includes a shade structure and additional seating. To tie it all together the shade structure’s steel roof is laser cut with a custom musical note pattern. This makes the space an ideal location for family and community gatherings.


Rendering of Meditation, Mindfulness 


Pickering’s community was impacted significantly by COVID-19, in particular, the families of victims of the pandemic; those living in long term care - Orchard Villa; our first responders; and front-line workers.

Mental Health & Meditation

The Reflections Garden is a reminder of the lives of those we lost during COVID-19 and how we need time to self-reflect and heal from the loss and grief.


This bright spot is a reminder that although our loved ones are gone they are not forgotten and will continue to be a part of us in a transformed state – one of memory and influence – that swings in and out of our daily lives.