Fall 2021 Teen Art Show

Photo Gallery: 2021 Fall - Teen Art Show will appear here on the public site.
Art Show Entries
PieceAbout the Art
Futurama image


Artist: Nicole Rowed

This piece was submitted by Nicole! Inspired by the show Futurama, they set out to re-create all the main characters in their own style!


Her Dream image

1st Place Winner • Congratulations!

Her Dream

Artist: Almas Sultani

This painting was submitted by Almas! Inspired by a dream their sister had, Almas attempted to bring it to life on the canvas through sketching and painting!

Toronto image

2nd Place Winner • Congratulations!


Artist: Abbey Macina

This piece was created and submitted by Abbey! Using a busy Toronto street, and inspired by the artist David Hockney Abbey created a wonderful submission to our contest!

May Queen image

May Queen

Artist: Katrina

This piece was brought to us by Katrina! Katrina was inspired by some promotional art for the movie Midsommer, and went into Adobe illustrator to create their own unique piece! 

Foggy image 


Artist: Angelina Villanueva

This next piece is submitted to us by Angelina, who dubbed this hand drawn piece “Foggy Identity”!

Venom image


Artist: Jumeah Francis

This piece was submitted by Jumeah! Inspired by the movie Venom, Jumeah set out to draw both of the titular characters, and show their connection with each other!

Essence of Toronto image 

Essence of Toronto

Artist: Sofia Spitale

This photo was submitted by Sofia Spitale! Taken in downtown Toronto, Sofia wanted to capture the beauty of everyday life with something so simple like a building.

Trust image 

3rd Place Winner • Congratulations!


Artist: Heather Mantziaris

This sketch was submitted by Heather! Depicting a simple word “Trust” in sign language, it creates a meaningful piece.

Moment in Time image 

Moment in Time

Artist: Giovanna Povolo

This photo was taken by Giovanna, who set out to capture a natural moment with their photography skills! Giovanna found 2 girls walking along the bleachers at just the right moment, and got their permission to take a photo. When the photo was taken however, one of the girls had spiked the lense, leading to this dynamic shot! “I really like this photo of mine because of the balance in the photo and how both girls look very natural in the photo, it doesn’t look forced.”

Sugarcoated image 


Artist: Ethan Magnaye

Ethan submitted this piece for us using his digital art skills! Created in Photoshop and clip art studio, they set out to make a colorful, cutesy piece! Ethan set out to make each piece of fruit their own unique character, and the piece took him 2 weeks to make.

Movie Poster image 

Movie Poster

Artist: Oluchukwu

This movie poster was submitted to us by Oluchukwu! It depicts two of their original characters in a heated battle in their movie, Blazing ray!

 Queen of the Jungle image

Queen of the Jungle

Artist: Dhivya Kurian

Dhivya Kurain made this piece from a mixture of pencil and acrylic mediums. This was made to represent her cultural diversity. “My family came from India, and elephants are an important symbol of their culture which is strength, family, and wisdom.”

Thank you to all the artists for sharing your work.
Contest winners will be announced soon!

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