Pickering is planning for a new, 44,000 sq. ft. facility that will celebrate the City’s rich heritage by bringing together Museum, Library and Community Centre into one dynamic space. 

This facility, anticipated for 2026, will be located on the upper site of the Pickering Museum Village and will:

  • Serve as a new Visitor’s Centre for the Pickering Museum Village and replace the small, aging administrative building that currently exists on the site.
  • Preserve local history and provide much-needed storage space, with special environmental and lighting controls, for collections, artifacts and records for the Library, Pickering Museum Village, and City Hall.
  • Replace the aging Greenwood Community Centre, and provide a modern and accessible space for community groups, programs and services, and events and exhibition space.
  • Be zero-carbon – meaning the facility will be highly energy-efficient and minimize greenhouse gas emissions from building materials to operations, and support Pickering’s journey of becoming one of the most sustainable cities in Canada!
  • Read News Release, issued September 2, 2022

Construction Update – September 2023 

From June 9, 2023 to July 27, 2023, the City invited interested pre-qualified bidders to bid on the construction of the Pickering Heritage and Community Centre (PHCC).

The City’s total available budget for the project is $38,560,569.00.

The lowest compliant bid submitted was in the amount of $57,300,084.00 (net HST rebate), resulting in a total net project cost of approximately $64,600,000.00.

At the September 5 Meeting of Council, after receiving Report to Council: OPS 22-23, outlining this update, Council directed staff to;

  • Cancel Tender No. T2023-6 for Construction of PHCC without award due to all bids exceeding approved budget.
  • Explore options to reduce overall project costs for PHCC by:

a) Obtaining an updated Class A cost estimate from Hanscomb Quantity Surveyors in the amount of $11,704.00 (HST included), for comparison to the previous Class A cost estimate received from the same firm in December 2022, to be retained as sub-consultants to Hariri Pontarini Architects;

b) Working with the project consultants, Hariri Pontarini Architects, to reduce the project scope and related costs, then re-tender the project in time to secure new pricing prior to the approval of the 2024 Capital Budget

  • Continue with Archeology on the site so the project can proceed in early 2024, if approved by Council.

This schedule will allow the City to begin construction in Spring 2024 (pending council approvals) and meet grant deadlines to complete all work by Spring 2026.

Project Renderings

Rendering 1 - Exterior view from Main Entrance

Side Elevation with signage

Rendering 2 - Exterior view from East

Front Elevation

Rendering 3 - Interior view of Lobby


Project Video – hear from key staff and the architect!

Watch the video

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This project is guided by the City’s Cultural Strategic Plan, which sets a vision for the place of arts, culture and heritage in the City and identifies strategic directions for policy, investment, partnerships and programs for 10 years.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.