Pickering is home to 2 indoor pools:

Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex
Dunbarton Indoor Pool

1867 Valley Farm Road 
[location map]

8 lane, 25 metre pool with a diving well and shallow pool

655 Sheppard Avenue East
[location map]

6 lane, 25 metre pool with a diving board

This CHD Rec Complex has a Universal Change Room. Please see our FAQs for information regarding its use and features.

 Universal Change Room FAQ's

Have you used the Universal Changerooms at the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex?

Here are some FAQ’s.

What Does Universal Mean?

This is a fully-accessible and barrier-free space that provides dignity and privacy for all users. 

The universal change room, with private changing rooms, and washrooms is just that; it can be used universally by all persons, regardless of who they are or how they may identify. These spaces are inclusive of guests with disabilities, members of all gender identities, and any who wish for privacy for any number of reasons.


What has been done to ensure my privacy?

Individual change stalls provide privacy and modesty for all guests. Unlike conventional change stalls, the units are designed with high partitions and no gaps between the individual panels.


What is the protocol for universal change room use?

All guests are required to be clothed at all times while in the common area, including the shower of this change facility.

  1. Can one undress in the main space? No
  2. Are there private changing areas and/or showering areas? Yes


Have there been any reported incidents at the Universal Changeroom?
Like all public facilities, incident reports do occur.  However, incident reports are generated for a wide number of reasons, including lost items, mischief/horseplay, using smart phones for selfies or social media, and found contraband items.  It should be noted that there has never been an investigated incident that was found to be lewd behavior, or resulted in assault, injury, or arrest.  Any activity that is in contravention of the Zero Tolerance Policy should be reported to City staff.


Who asked for Universal Changerooms?

Residents and stakeholders provided feedback when the City was planning the renovations at the CHDRC.  Their feedback showed that residents wanted a gender-neutral space that could better serve families with children and those requiring support; those that required disability accommodations; all while offering more privacy.  The CHDRC had an existing universal changeroom, and the public responses indicated that we needed an expansion of that space as it had become too small for our growing community, which led to the expanded space.

Change Room Features

The Universal Change Room offers:

  • 23 private change stalls including 4 oversize change rooms for families, and 3 accessible shower stalls for those requiring more space.

  • 150 lockers of various dimensions, including 96 new digital lockers, programmable by code or use a traditional lock

  • 8 washrooms including 3 fully accessible washrooms, 1 equipped with a shower

  • 3 shower stalls with doors, one of which is an accessible stall

  • Bathing suit dryer

  • 8 change tables, and an electric lift change table

The creation of this change facility is aligned with the City of Pickering’s values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Public Swimming

Public swimming is offered at both indoor pools.

Public Swim Schedule

Lessons & Programs

  • If your child is returning to swim lessons but you are not sure what level to register them for you can stop by during public swim times to get an evaluation. Evaluations are free (pool admission fee required) and are approximately 15 minutes in length. All pool admission policies apply.

  • Search and Register for Aquatics programs online at pickering.ca/active

Pool Rentals