Introducing Dunmoore Park's new Canine Activity Area

The City of Pickering always encourages Responsible Pet Ownership in our community. Designated Leash Free Areas provide a safe environment for dogs to run around freely, get the exercise they need and mingle with other dogs. Leash free areas also provide dog owners with the opportunity to socialize with one another, and an opportunity to meet other members of their community.

During the public consultation phase of this project, 82% of respondents asked for an educational component to be included within Dunmoore Park. As a result of the overwhelming request, City staff collaborated with community stakeholders to design and now open the GTA’s first ever Canine Activity Area.

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Pet Valu LogoThank you to Pet Valu for sponsoring the Canine Activity Area.

Pickering’s Canine Activity Area provides residents with a place to learn and engage with one another in a safe environment while practicing every day skills with their dog. 

The Canine Activity Area is comprised of 10 individual stations where dogs and owners are given simple but fun challenges to complete together.  Each station has signage displaying instructions and a QR Code for park users to watch step-by-step videos of how to safely guide their dog through each station. 

Visit to learn more about the rules and other leash free area parks located in Pickering.

How to Videos

Click or tap each image below to watch the Activity Station video

Station #1 - Bone-Appétit

Activity Station 1

Station #2 - Tricks Are For Dogs

Activity Station 2

Station #3 - Trickier Tricks!

Activity Station 3

Station #4 - Tire Yourself Out

Activity Station 4

Station #5 - Delicate Balance

Activity Station 5

Station #6 - Paws Platform

Activity Station 6

Station #7 - Pole-ar Express

Activity Station 7

Station #8 - Loop De Loop

Activity Station 7

Station #9 - Crazy Eights

Activity Station 9

Station #10 - Hip Hop Over

Activity Station 10