Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex offers group fitness classes 7 days a week, from 3 dedicated fitness studios.

Classes are available for pay-as-you-go, as a registered program, or with a membership. Group fitness class participants must be at least 13 years of age, or as stated otherwise.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Current Class Schedules

Current Class Descriptions 

Physical Activity Screening Forms

Before taking part in any of our group fitness programs we require that you complete a Get Active Questionnaire. This is a pre-exercise screening tool designed by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) to help ensure you have a safe physical activity experience. When you sign up for a membership or register for a class you will be prompted to answer these pre-screening questions.

Group Fitness FAQ

Where are the group fitness classes at CHDRC?

All group fitness classes take place in the studio wing in one of 3 studios – Studio A, B or C.

Studio A - located on the second level is our largest studio where most of our cardio-based classes take place as well as Pilates Reformer classes.

Studio B - located on the floor level. Where all strength-based and cycle classes take place.

Studio C- located on the floor level. Where all our pilates and yoga classes take place.

The studio wing at CHDRC is a secured area that requires either an access card (members) or a 5-digit PIN code (registered and pay-as-you-go patrons) to unlock the doors.

How do I access the studio wing?


  1. Tap your membership card on the black touch pad located to the left of the studio wing doors.
  2. If your membership is active and in good standing the touch pad will light up with a green light and the doors will unlock.
  3. If your membership has expired the touch pad will flash red and green and the doors will not unlock. Speak to front desk staff to re-activate your membership.

Registered/Pay-as-you go patrons

  1. Start by visiting the front desk and informing the staff which class you're attending and its location, as indicated on your course receipt (Studio A, B, or C).
  2. The front desk staff will grant you access through the lobby doors and provide you with a 5-digit code. Enter the code on the keypad in front of the studio wing doors to unlock them. To activate the keypad, touch the black screen on the left-hand side of the doors, and the numbered keypad will appear.
  3. Once you enter the correct 5-digit PIN, the black touch pad will display a green light and unlock the doors. If the incorrect PIN is entered, the touch pad will flash red and green and will not unlock the door. You will need this code to enter and exit the studio wing doors.

The code changes daily, so you will need to ask the front desk staff for it each time you attend a class.

Where are the closest washroom facilities to the Group fitness studios at CHDRC?

Studio A (upstairs)

  • Nearest washrooms are directly outside the studio wing doors to the left.

Studios B & C (downstairs)

  • Nearest washrooms are located within the universal changeroom.

How do I mark my attendance at class?

  • If you are a registered participant, please check your name off the attendance sheet.
  • If the class takes place at CHDRC please also write your name on the sign in sheet situated in front of the studio doors and check off that you are registered participant.
  • If you are a pay as you go patron at CHDRC provide, the receipt to the class instructor as proof of payment and write your name on the sign in sheet situated in front of the studio doors and check off that you are a pay as you go participant. 

What happens if I’m registered for a class and I’m late?

You are still welcome to join the class if you are late, but spaces for registered participants at CHDRC are only reserved until the start of the class. Many of our registered classes are also part of our membership schedule, where CHDRC members can attend on a first-come, first-served basis.
  •  Should the class be full, the door to the studio will be locked and a sign posted that the class is at capacity.

This does not apply to group fitness classes at ES, GALCC and DNT. 

 What kind of attire should I wear to class?
  • Clean indoor running shoes.
  • Breathable and comfortable shirt and bottoms.
  • As per our health club etiquette policy all patrons must wear a shirt.
  • Refrain from wearing restrictive clothing such as jeans and pants with belts.
 How do I gain access to Studio A upstairs if I have mobility issues?
 There is an elevator located in the front lobby to help reach the upper level.

Can I enter the studio if I arrive for class early?

  • No. Access to the studio can only be granted to patrons by the instructor.
  • Patrons are to wait for direction from the instructor to ensure all participants can enter and exit safely

What is the maximum number of people allowed in classes at CHDRC?

Studio A

  • 30 people

Studio B and C

  • 20 people

How do I set up and use the equipment?

  • At the beginning of class, instructors will guide participants on what equipment will be used and demonstrate how to use it safely and effectively.
  • Participants are responsible for retrieving, setting up, and putting away the equipment, including stationary bikes for cycle classes.
  • If you have difficulty with any of the equipment, please speak to the instructor.

How is the equipment cleaned?

It is the responsibility of participants to wipe down their equipment after use.

  • Pre-moistened disinfectant wipes are provided to clean the equipment.

What if I can’t do the exercise the instructor is demonstrating in class?

Instructors do their best to provide modifications where possible for participants who may have injuries and other restrictions but may not always be able to accommodate for everyone.

  • If you have a specific injury or disability speak with the instructor before or after class about possible modifications to see if the class is a good fit for you.

How would I find out if a class was cancelled or changed to a different format?

We recognize it can be an inconvenience when the class you were planning on attending is changed or cancelled. While we do our best to avoid having to cancel or change the format of a fitness class, there are times when this simply can’t be avoided.

Here are the following ways which we work to communicate any class changes or cancellations to our patrons:

  1. Any registered participants are contacted via email and/or phone call to notify them of the cancellation. Where possible a make-up class is provided at the end of the session.
  2. All class changes/cancellations are posted to our Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Class changes/cancellations posted on our social media channels are simultaneously posted on the website at at the bottom of the page.
  4. Signs are posted at the CHDRC front desk and fitness studio area to advertise the necessary class change/cancellation.

Our first priority is always to offer our patrons an opportunity to engage in activity so we do first opt to change the class format where possible rather than cancel a class.

Where do I get changed for class if necessary?

  • Members over the age of 16 have access to the Male and Female members changerooms and can gain access with their member access card.
  • Members under the age of 16, registered participants and pay-as-you go patrons would have access to the universal changeroom. The universal change room, with private changing stalls, and washrooms is just that; it can be used universally by all persons, regardless of who they are or how they may identify. These spaces are inclusive of guests with disabilities, members of all gender identities, and any who wish for privacy for any number of reasons.


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