Registered Programs

Easy to learn, fun, and great exercise. Participants can play at their own pace. Levels 1 and 2 are available depending on experience.   If you are new to the sport, we suggest registering for a program with instruction so that you can learn the rules and etiquette.  This will provide ample opportunity to play, so that you can gain the skills needed for drop in style game play.

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Drop-In Play 55+

Jan. 24 - Apr. 4TimeLocationCost

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

East Shore CC

$35.00 registration fee,
play up to 2x each week


2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

East Shore CC  

Registration is required for drop-in at this location. Once registered there are no additional drop in rates, and you do not have to book a court in advance. Once you are registered, you can drop in to play during the days and times listed below.  If you have never played Pickleball before it is recommended that you register for instructional Pickleball before attending drop in.

note: Additional Pickleball time is available at East Shore CC with the South Pickering Seniors Club – membership required - call for details, 905.420.5049.

Drop-In Play

Jan. 10 - Jan. 31TimeLocationCost

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


$3.00 / drop in


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

CHDRC  $3.00 / drop in

CHDRC - Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex (1867 Valley Farm Road)  

                 Banquet Hall 

Call the Recreation Complex Front Desk at 905.831.1711, for more details.

**please note that this location will be CLOSED for renovations for the month of February 2023 **

Pickleball FAQ's

Where can we play Pickleball in Pickering – including inside and outside locations?



Are there plans for additional indoor play?
  • Yes
    • CHD Rec Complex offers Pickleball in the Banquet Hall.
    • East Shore CC offers Pickleball, registered (with instruction) and/or drop in
    • at the new Seniors & Youth Centre, when it opens.
Are there plans for additional outdoor play?
  • Future builds will be part of new tennis court locations in Duffin Heights and Seaton.
When can we play Pickleball at each location?


  • Refer to the Indoor Pickleball Schedule.


  • courts are first come first served. There is no organized league play by the City of Pickering on outdoor courts. No leagues are approved by the City of Pickering, and courts are free of charge to play on when available.
Is there a cost to play Pickleball in Pickering?

Indoors - Yes

  • City of Pickering Registered Programs - 10 week registered program cost is $55.00.
  • League Play - 6 week sessions - Participants are required to register for the league ($60.00) and then pre-book their court times.
  • South Pickering Seniors Club programs - require membership costs associated with club
  • Drop in Play (Not Currently Available) -  is $5.00 per person (2 hours).

Outdoors - No

  • Outdoor courts are free
Do you offer Pickleball instruction?
  • Yes, each season there are 4 offerings each week at both East Shore CC and George Ashe LCC – refer to schedule attached.
Are there any plans in Pickering to build a Pickleball facility?
  • Not a facility specific to Pickleball, however the new Seniors and Youth Centre will have a double gymnasium and Pickleball will be one of the many programs offered in this space.
Why can’t we play Pickleball on existing City tennis courts?
  • Other than the 2 public courts at Village East and Claremont (which are available for pickleball), all other tennis courts are under existing lease agreements with Tennis Clubs for exclusive use to operate programming.
Why can’t we play Pickleball on existing City basketball courts?
  • The basketball courts that are not lined for pickleball, are in high use locations and are intended only for basketball play. Basketball continues to be very popular in Pickering and these high demand courts have been in place for many years, servicing the neighbourhoods with a location to play.
Does the City support Pickleball organized club play? Would the City rent various facilities for private league play?
  • The City would support organized play, however it would be offered and hosted by the municipality. The City does not rent facilities for programming that is already offered by the City. Ongoing rentals for this type of programming would not be permitted.