Rec Complex is open for pre-booked visits.

  • All activities must be booked online (Health Club Facilities, Fitness Classes, Tennis). Cardio Equipment has been relocated to the East & West salons to allow renovations to continue. Tennis is singles play only.
  • Entrance to the facility is permitted 10 minutes prior to your scheduled activity. Members attending fitness classes will enter & exit the building through the exterior doors on the North side of the building leading to the studios. Fitness instructors will meet you & conduct screening prior to class, if you’re late for your class, please use the main entrance. All other patrons will enter through the main entrance. Screening is mandatory.
  • Masks are mandatory before & after engaging in physical activity. While you are on the court or using a piece of equipment, your mask is not required. Until further notice, membership & patronage is restricted to residents of the Region of Durham. Non-members are required to provide government issued photo ID to confirm residency in our region.
  • During our initial reopening stage, squash, racquetball/handball & child supervision will not be open. Change facilities are closed due to renovations.
  • Swimming will take place at Dunbarton Indoor Pool only. An update will be provided once the date to reopen Dunbarton Indoor Pool is determined.

Visit Pickering's Covid-19 Response Page for complete details on City services and updates.

Enhanced Facility Procedures & Protocols

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols. Throughout the day, cleaning staff will be focused on high touchpoints such as hand rails, and door knobs, and washroom facilities.  In the evening, each facility will be sanitized with a new disinfectant cleaning solution.
  • Cleaning staff dedicated to washrooms maintenance.
  • Removal of some hard-to-clean equipment.
  • Staggered sessions to permit time for cleaning between sessions. 
  • Spacing equipment a minimum of 2 metres or 6 feet apart.
  • Staff in each room to ensure equipment is being cleaned prior to & after use.
  • Cash free payments – with online reservation.
  • Pre-registered/reserved visit times.
  • Health Screening when booking sessions and once again upon entry to the facility.
  • A dedicated area with exclusive entrance and washroom facilities for adults 55+. 
  • Markings on the floors to remind guests of the physical distance required while waiting to enter/exit the facility and in fitness classes.
  • Increased hand-sanitizer stations.
  • Change facilities will be available for pool users. Other guests are asked to arrive ready to workout.
  • Class sizes and number of people in the health club areas are reduced to respect physical distancing guidelines and maintain group size limits as per provincial standards.
  • Reservations Required for facility use.
  • Common areas usually available for socialization will not be available at this time.
  • Signage for proper hand-wash techniques in public washrooms.

Safety Procedures for Guests

Health screening questionnaire & waiver is required before a reservation can be booked for gym/cardio/fitness sessions.

Guests experiencing any of the following symptoms are asked to refrain from using the facilities:

  • Have a fever over 38 Celsius or 100 Fahrenheit
  • Have a new cough or difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat, hoarse voice and/or difficulty swallowing
  • Runny nose, sneezing or nasal congestion (in the absence of underlying reasons for symptoms such as season allergies and post nasal drip)
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • New smell or taste disorder
  • Unexplained fatigue/malaise
  • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain
  • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Have travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  • Have come into contact with probable or confirmed case of COVID-19

While in the facility, remember to:

  • Maintain a distance of 2 metres or 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Wash your hands often with soap & water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Liberally use the sanitizers found at various stations within the facility.
  • Guests must arrive/exit wearing a mask and be prepared to wear it anytime physical distancing may be a challenge. CHDRC will follow the standards recommended by the Durham Region Board of Health.
  • Guests who have a medical exemption from wearing a mask must advise City staff in advance of attending the facility so we can make the necessary arrangements to serve them.


 Health Club Areas


Cardio Rooms - Book my visit
Entrance: Front Main Doors of Complex

The Cardio Rooms are now located in the West and East Salon during the renovation. Below is the breakdown of equipment for each area

West Salon

Cardio Equipment:

  • 3 Rowers

  • 1 Nu-Step

  • 1 Non-Motorized Woodway Treadmill

  • 2 Upright Bikes

  • 2 Recumbent Bikes

  • 2 Ellipticals

  • 1 Stepmill Stairmaster

  • 2 Ascent Trainers

  • 1 Hybrid Recumbent Bike


  • Abdominal (Crunch)

  • Seated Leg Curl

  • Back Extension

  • Rotary Hip (Flexion & Extension)

  • Dual Axis Pulldown (Lats & Deltoids)

  • Lateral Raise

  • Chest Fly

  • Seated Leg Press

Accessory Equipment:

  • Medicine Ball Rack

  • Weight Rack (dumbbells)

  • Stability Balls & Bosu Balls

  • Wobble Boards & Dyna Discs

  • 3 Benches (2 incline, 1 flat)

  • Mats 

East Salon

Cardio Equipment:

  • 4 Motorized Treadmills 

  • 1 Non-motorized Woodway Treadmills

  • 2 Upright Bikes 

  • 2 Recumbent Bikes 

  • 1 Stepper 

  • 1 Stair Master

  • 1 Ascent Trainers

  • 1 Precor Elliptical


  • Leg Abduction

  • Leg Adduction

  • Triceps Extension

  • Chest Fly/Rear Delt

  • Chest Press (dual axis)

  • Lat Pulldown/Cable Row

  • Bicep Curl

  • Glute Kickback

  • Torso Rotation

  • Prone Leg Curl

  • Shoulder Press

  • Seated Leg Extension

Accessory Equipment – Upper:

  • Medicine Ball Rack

  • Stability balls & Bosu balls

  • Wobble boards

  • Mats

  • Equalizers

Refer to the Health Club Areas time sheet for a quick reference on start and end times for sessions in each health club area

Weight Room - Book my visit
Entrance: Front Main Doors of Complex


Cardio Equipment:

  • 1 Stepper

  • 1 Non-Motorized Woodway Treadmill

  • 1 Rower

  • 1 Spin Bike

  • 1 Elliptical

  • 2 Recumbent Bikes


  • 2 Smith Machines

  • 1 Squat Rack

  • Hack Squat

  • Plate Loaded Leg Press

  • Shrug Machine

  • Atlantis Multiuse System: Lat Pull-down

  • 2 Life Fitness Cable Systems

  • Captain’s Chair

Accessory Equipment:

  • 2 Dumbbell Racks

  • 2 Barbell Racks

  • Synergy System with kettle bells & landline press bar

  • 6 Benches (4 incline, 1 flat, 1 decline)

  • Medicine Ball rack


Refer to the Health Club Areas time sheet for a quick reference on start and end times for sessions in each health club area

Small Group Training Room - Book my visit
Entrance: Front Main Doors of Complex, access through Weight Room (2 person max) 



  • Total Gym – Core Trainer

Accessory Equipment:

  • Medicine Ball Rack

  • Stability Balls & Bosu Balls

  • Mats

  • 1 Step & Risers

  • Equalizer bars

  • Mobility sticks

  • Plyo box x 2

  • Wobble boards & Dyna discs

 Need Help booking?
See instructions below or view the walk-thru demo
  1. Visit
  2. In the search for Activities by Keyword(s) field enter the area you like to attend:  i.e. Weight Room or Cardio Room

  3. Select the week you are enrolling in

  4. Select Enroll Now

  5. Select the participant you’re enrolling – ensure the correct family member has been selected from the drop-down list

  6. Click Select Dates on the session you’d like to attend (please be reminded that you can only choose one session per area per day – all others will be removed by staff at our discretion)

  7.  Choose the dates from the calendar that you’d like to attend – you can pick one or several from that week

  8. Select Add to Cart

  9. Select Check Out and follow the prompts

  10. Members will have a discount applied so that their fee will be reduced to $0

  11. Enter your initials on the waiver, click Finish. You’re all set!
    • CHDRC Members can book up to each calendar week up to 7 days in advance.
    • Pay as you go visitors can book 24 hours in advance.  
    • No walk-in customers will be admitted


Fitness Studios - Book my class
Entrance: Front Main Doors of Complex

You must book your fitness classes in advance. Refer to our group fitness page for schedules

Visit keyword search Pickering Fit for class options.

  • CHDRC Members can book each calendar week up to 7 days in advance.
  • Pay as you go visitors can book 24 hours in advance.
  • No walk-in customers will be admitted.

Note: Entrance to the facility is permitted 10 minutes prior to your scheduled activity. Members attending fitness classes will enter through the main entrance of the building, be checked in and screened by staff at the kiosk. Screening is mandatory and we encourage you to use the QR code (found at all entrances) to expedite the screening process. You will be directed from the main concourse to the upper level (via stairs or elevator) to access the studios through the upper level Studio Wing doors. From there, you will either stay on the upper level for classes in Studio A or taking the stairs, in the fitness wing, down to classes in Studios B & C. Fitness participants will exit the building through the Studio Wing doors at the end of the hallways (Studio A exiting from the upper level, Studio B and C exiting from the lower level).

In order to maintain physical distancing in our studios the number of participants will be limited to the following:

Studio A - 8 people (12 ft. apart)

Studio B - 8 people (12 ft. apart)

Studio C - 8 people (12 ft. apart)

(designated space has been allotted using floor markers to further help patrons maintain physical distancing during class)

  • All group fitness classes must be registered for ahead of time as per the instructions above. Walk-ins will not be permitted at this time.
  • Patrons are required to bring their own equipment for yoga/pilates classes including mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps as the City will not be able to provide this equipment at this time.
  • Some pieces of equipment that cannot be easily disinfected have been removed from the studios such as bands, ankle weights, gloves, etc. 
  • Class start and end times have been staggered to promote physical distancing in between classes.
  • Participants will be required to disinfect their equipment before and after usage. There will also be time allotted between each class to allow for thorough disinfection of all equipment by staff.
  • Masks are not required to be worn during class but must be worn while entering/exiting the building.
  • Fans are not permitted to be on during class for the time being.
  • Patrons can sign up for multiple classes in a day however you will be required to exit the building and re-enter for the subsequent class in order to allow for cleaning as well as to be checked in by staff at the entrance.
  • In an effort to accommodate group fitness members who may not feel ready to return to in-studio classes we will be continuing to offer virtual fitness classes live via Zoom and our Pickering Fit Virtual Fitness Members Facebook group. If you are an active fitness member and would like to join the group please go to

 Need help booking?

See instructions below 

Check out our walk through video demo 

  1. Find a Class: visit to view the Group Fitness Class Schedule

  2. Reserve your spot at

  3. Check the “I’m not a Robot” box. Click Sign In.

    If you do not have an account click on Create an Account.

  4. Enter Email address. Enter password. Click Login.

  5. Under Online Services – Click on Register for Activities.

  6. Search by Class Name or type in Pickering Fit Online Reservation to see all the group fitness classes that are available to sign up for. Click Search

  7. Once you have found desired class. Click Add to Cart.

  8. Select Family member to enroll from drop-down menu. Click Next.

  9. Review COVID-19 Health Screener and Fitness Waiver link and click on check box. Click Next.

  10. Click option Proceed to Shopping Cart. Review course details. Click Check Out. If you wish to sign up for additional classes click on Add to Cart & Continue Shopping.

If you are no longer able to attend a class that you signed up for, please cancel your registration by clicking on My Account, followed by Historical Transaction List. Find the class you no longer wish to attend and click Withdraw.

If your membership includes access to group fitness classes, there will be no charge for registering for the class. If you are not a member or your membership does not include access to group fitness classes, you will be charged the drop-in fee for the class.

Class reservation is available up to 7 days in advance, with the option to reserve for multiple classes in a day.

Only patrons who are signed up for a class will be permitted to attend and enter the facility.

Class sizes are limited and class availability is subject to change based on demand.

Patrons who are found to be abusing the Online Reservation System, i.e. repeatedly signing up for classes and not attending them, are at risk of having their reservation privileges revoked and membership suspended.

Phone In Reservation for Members Only
Available Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Call 905.420.4621

Please note that spaces are limited and while phone reservation is available, the best option is online registration as it is the quickest way to secure your spot in a class.

Check out our walk through video demo 


Dunbarton Indoor Pool - Reopens Monday, February 22 Book my Swim

Complete details can be found on the Aquatics Page.

Book online at keyword search swimming

Squash and Racquetball Courts - Closed (as of Nov 23)
Entrance: Front Main Doors
  • Members can book online at up to one week in advance.

  • Non-members can book up to 24 hours in advance by calling 905.831.1730.

  • Payment must be debit or credit card, no cash. 

  • Squash courts 1-4 are available to book. Courts will be cleaned between bookings. Singles play only. Please bring your own equipment. Racquets, balls and eyewear are not available at this time.

  • Racquetball Court 7 is available to book. Courts will be cleaned between bookings. Singles play only. Please bring your own equipment. Racquets, balls and eyewear are not available at this time.

Tennis Courts - (singles only) Book my Court
  • Members can book online at up to one week in advance.

  • Non-members can book up to 24 hours in advance by calling 905.831.1730.

  • Payment must be debit or credit card, no cash

Amenities and programming will vary and be consistent with governmental orders and guidelines. We appreciate your help and understanding as we work through this time together.