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Winter 2022/23

2 Guides coming this winter...  Guide Cover Image

The Winter Recreation Guide

View / Download the Winter Recreation Guide

  • Registration for Fitness, Leisure, and camp programs will begin December 1.
  • Non-resident registration begins December 15 for Fitness, Leisure & camps programs.  

Winter Aquatics Guide

View / Download the Winter Aquatics Guide

Guide Cover Image

  • Registration for Aquatics Programs will begin December 13.
  • Non-resident registration begins December 28 for Aquatics programs.

Limited guide/brochure copies are available for pick up at City facilities.

Search and register for programs online.

Program Registration

  • Registration starts December 1 for Fitness, Leisure and Camps programs (Pickering residents).
  • Registration starts December 13 for Aquatics programs (Pickering residents). 
  • Registration for non residents starts December 15 (Fitness & Leisure), and December 28 (Aquatics).
  • Online Registration is the preferred method,
  • For alternative registration options visit the Registration Page.
  • For complete registration details, information, and policies visit


swimming pool image

Winter Aquatics program listings will be viewable online in Activenet November 28 and the Winter Aquatics Brochure will be delivered to Pickering homes via local newspaper on December 1.

Registration for Aquatics Programs will begin December 13.
Classes start in January.

Pickering is home to 2 indoor pools: Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex and Dunbarton Indoor Pool.  Programs, lessons, and public swimming are available at both locations.

View available aquatics programs and lessons online.

Swimming Lessons - General Information Q&A's 

Your child will progress along the learning continuum at their own rate, and it may take more than one session to complete each level. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s lessons, please do not hesitate to talk to the on-deck supervisor immediately. We appreciate your feedback and can usually solve your concerns as soon as we know about them.

When registering

Please ensure that you read the course description and prerequisites before enrolling. If you are still unsure of the appropriate level we can arrange for an assessment by one of our aquatic staff. No refunds are issued for enrolling in the incorrect level or a level that was not recommended.

What to bringJust a swimsuit and a towel. Some people like to wear goggles, but they are not necessary. All children who are not toilet trained are required to wear a plasticized bathing suit or plastic pants over their bathing suit - no disposable diapers.

Can I make up lessons?

Plan your schedule carefully. There are no make up lessons or credits for missed classes. If we need to cancel a class due to inclement weather, pool fouling, etc., we will do our best to reschedule it at the end. If we cannot reschedule the class you will be credited for the missed lesson.

Can I watch my child during lessons or can I leave?

Experience has shown us that your child is better able to concentrate on lessons without additional on deck distractions. Viewing is available in the area upstairs at the Recreation Complex or the foyer at Dunbarton Pool. 

We suggest not to leave the premises as lessons run for 30 or 45 minutes. Open House takes place on weeks 5 and 10 for lessons at CHD Recreation Complex and weeks 3, 5, and 10 at Dunbarton Pool. During this time you are welcome to remove your street shoes and stay on the pool deck.

Please help us to prevent cancellations by feeding your child after lessons or at least one hour before.

Due to the large number of program participants, we are unable to accept requests for specific instructors.

Swim Evaluations

If your child is returning to swim lessons but you are not sure what level to register them for you can stop by during public swim times to get an evaluation. Evaluations are free and are approximately 15 minutes in length. All pool admission policies apply. See the Aquatics Page for public swim times and information.

Our Classes are Changing

After more than 60 years of swimming lessons, the Canadian Red Cross is no longer offering a Learn To Swim program. Starting this winter, the City of Pickering is moving to the Lifesaving Society Learn to Swim programs.

Swim for Life focuses on the development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities as well as valuable Water Smart® education that provides information, experiences, and key messages to help everyone make safe choices when in, on, and around water.

Complete details will be available online (Nov 28) and in the Winter Aquatics Brochure.

New! Swim For Life - Learn to Swim Programs ...

Parent & Tot Program 4 mos - 3 yrs

The parent & tot programs provide an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy structured inwater interaction in a fun and social setting. Focusing on the importance of play and developing water positive attitudes and skills, children gain valuable exposure to being in and around the water. Parents will learn to be Water Smart to keep themselves and their child safe in any aquatic setting.

Activities and progressions in Parent & Tot are based on developmental stages. Register in the level appropriate for your child’s age.

Parent & Tot 1 4 - 12 mos

Parent & Tot 2 12 - 24 mos

Parent & Tot 3 2 - 3 yrs

Preschool Program 3 - 5 yrs

The preschool programs provide children with an early start in learning to swim. Children 3-5 years old will have fun while gaining foundational water skills and become comfortable in the water. Water Smart education is incorporated into all Preschool levels to support children in learning how to keep themselves safe in and around the water.

Preschool 1

Provides children with an early start in learning to swim. Children 3-5 years old will have fun while gaining foundational water skills and become comfortable in the water. Water Smart education is incorporated into all Preschool levels to support children in learning how to keep themselves safe in and around the water.

Preschool 2

Preschoolers will work on becoming more independent with their water skills. Some of these skills include jumping into chest deep water unassisted, submerging and exhaling underwater, and floating and gliding with various buoyant aids.

Preschool 3

Preschoolers will kick and glide on their fronts and backs. They will work on retrieving objects from the bottom in water that is waist deep, and work towards mastering their floats, rollovers, glides, and kicks. In this level they work their way into deeper water for practice on entries.

Preschool 4

Preschoolers will gain some independence in deep water. They will practice jumps into deeper water and get out by themselves , sideways entries, and opening their eyes underwater. Swimmers will work on completing 5m of front crawl and treading water.

Preschool 5

Preschoolers will work on being able to support themselves treading in deep water for 10 seconds and complete 5 m swims with front crawl and back crawl. They will practice forward roll entries into deep water, learn to whip kick and be introduced to interval training.

Swimmer Program 6 - 12 yrs

The swimmer program is a 6-level learn to swim program for children 6-12 years old. There is a prominent focus on in-water swimming practice as swimmers learn fundamental strokes and skills, mastering them as they progress through the program. Swimmers also learn how to be safe in, on, and around the water through Water Smart education incorporated into every level.

Swimmer 1

Beginner swimmers will become comfortable with safe entries, treading water, opening their eyes underwater, and breath control. They will learn their floats, rollovers, glides, and kicks from front to back.

Swimmer 2

Swimmers will jump into deeper water, learn sideways entries and treading water. Swimmers will also be introduced to whip kick, swim 10m on their front and back crawl and be introduced to interval training.

Swimmer 3

Swimmers will dive and do forward roll entries, handstands in shallow water and in water front somersaults. They will work on 15 m of front and back crawl, more whip kick and interval training.

Swimmer 4

Swimmers will complete standing dives, tread water for 1 minute, and work towards being able to swim underwater for 5m. In addition to improving their front crawl, back crawl, and whip kick, swimmers will be introduced to breaststroke.

Swimmer 5

Swimmers will master shallow dives, tuck jumps, eggbeater kick, and in water backward somersaults. Technique and endurance will also receive greater focus as swimmers will need to complete longer distance swims and interval training for all their strokes.

Swimmer 6

Swimmers will work towards mastering stride entries, compact jumps, and lifesaving kicks. They will also refine their strokes to increase their swimming strength, power, and endurance - critical for success in the 300m workout required to complete the level.

Canadian Swim Patrol

The Lifesaving Society’s 3 level Canadian Swim Patrol program is for swimmers who are ready to focus on developing strength and proficiency while introducing the challenging world of lifesaving. Swimmers will have fun enhancing their capability in the water, increasing their physical conditioning, and learning lifesaving judgment. Each level will continue to develop swimmers’ strokes and provide a skill foundation that will prepare them for success in the Society’s Bronze Medal Awards.

Each level of the Canadian Swim Patrol program has three modules: Water Proficiency, First Aid, and Recognition and Rescue.

Rookie Patrol (Swimmer 7)

Rookie Patrol lays the foundation of the Swim Patrol program. It includes stroke refinement, fitness, first aid, and lifesaving. Swimmers will focus on front and back crawl, and breaststroke. Fitness challenges include a 350m workout and 100m timed swim. Swimmers will learn about assessing conscious victims, contacting EMS, and treatment for bleeding and an introduction to lifesaving skills, including self-rescue techniques, victim recognition, and using throwing assists.

Ranger Patrol (Swimmer 8)

Stroke refinement and underwater proficiency continues to be a focus in Ranger Patrol as it is critical for supporting swimmer fitness. Swimmers can expect their fitness levels to increase as they work towards a 200m timed swim. First aid includes assessment of unconscious victims, treating for shock, and procedures for obstructed airways. Lifesaving skills are expanded to include object support and non-contact rescues with a buoyant aid.

Star Patrol (Swimmer 9)

Star Patrol will prepare swimmers for the Bronze Star Award. Strokes will continue to be refined through completion of 100 m swims. Swimmers will be challenged with a 600 m workout, 300 m timed swim, and a 25 m object carry. First aid at this level focuses on treatment of bone and joint injuries, and respiratory emergencies like asthma and allergic reactions.

Lifesaving skills include in water defense methods, rolling over and supporting victims in shallow water, and removing victims from shallow water.

Youth Programs 12 - 16 yrs


Adult Swimmer 16+

Beginners just starting out or swimmers looking to improve their strokes will find that the new Adult Swimmer program will help them achieve their swimming goals. Swimmers will work to gain confidence in the water, develop smooth recognizable strokes, and improve their water fitness. Water Smart education is incorporated into all levels to support the Lifesaving Society’s mandate of drowning prevention.

Adult 1

Swimmers main goal is to develop comfort in the water by learning fundamentals such as floats, rolls, glides, and kicks. Swimmers will develop their underwater skills as they continue to build their confidence in the water and work towards completing short distance swims (10-15m) on their front and back. This level is appropriate for swimmers just starting out.

Adult 2

Swimmers will practice different entries into deep water including dives, rolls, and tuck jumps. They will aim to be able to tread water for 1-2 minutes. New underwater skills are introduced such as handstands in shallow water and front somersaults (in water). Swimmers will achieve the Swim to Survive standard by being able to roll into deep water, tread water for 1 minute, and swim 50m. In addition to improving their front crawl, back crawl, and whip kick, swimmers will be introduced to breaststroke.

Adult 3

Swimmers will work towards mastering front crawl, back crawl, and breaststroke. Challenging skills such as shallow dives, stride entries, and compact jumps will be completed as well as a focus on developing lifesaving kicks. Swimmers can expect to improve their fitness levels as they work on completing 300m workouts and 25-50 m sprints.

Swim for Life - Learn to Swim classes will be offered as

• Group Lessons
• Girls Only Group Lessons
• Semi Private Lessons
• Private Lessons


 Aquatic Leadership Programs

The path to an exciting and rewarding career in Aquatics starts here! The following courses are offered...

  • Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid 13+

  • Bronze Cross 14+

  • Lifesaving Society Assistant Instructor 14+

  • Lifesaving Society Swim For Life Instructor 15+
  • Lifesaving and Emergency First Aid Instructor 16+
  • National Lifeguard Certification (NL) 15+


 Aquafit Programs

Participants must be 15+

Take advantage of the unique benefits of water exercise to create a low impact program that appeals to a wide variety of abilities. Classes are offered at both CHD Rec Complex and Dunbarton Indoor pool.


 Aquatic Clubs & Links

Pickering Master Splashers Swim Club

Pickering Swim Club


Recreation Programs  amily image

Search and register for programs by activity, age group, interest, or activity code.

  • Preschool  0 - 6 yrs
  • Children 4+
  • Teen 13 - 19 yrs
  • Adult 16+
  • Adult 55+ 

View all programs online at

Preschool Programs

These programs promote physical, mental, and social health, and have been designed to:

  • Encourage and teach good social skills

  • Foster creativity

  • Teach and practice writing

  • Focus on the basics of colour, numbers, letters and shapes

  • Introduce reading, math and science

Options are available for both Parent/Grandparent & tot and independent participant classes.

View Preschool Programs


These recreation programs promote physical, mental, and social health. Our programs include a variety of art, creative, dance, active, sport, STEM and special interest choices.

View Children's Programs.


These programs promote physical, mental, and social health. Programs offered include a variety of arts, fitness, sports, and special interest choices.

View Teen Programs


Programs offered include a variety of arts, creative, dance, active, fitness and special interest choices.

View adult programs.

Adults 55+

These programs have been designed and priced especially for older adults. Participating in recreation activities helps keep you active and engaged; mentally, physically, and socially.

View adult 55+ programs

Camps   Camps square image

The City offers camp opportunities for children throughout the year including PA Days, Winter Holidays, March Break and Summer. Upcoming camps and information can be found on the City's Camps page.

Upcoming Camps:
Winter Break Camps

December 28

December 29

January 3 - 6

Paint & Play PA Day

January 20

March Break Camps

March 13 - 18

Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex  running shoes image

1867 Valley Farm Road, Pickering

Monday to Friday | 6:00 am to 10:00 pm,
Saturday & Sunday | 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

See the Recreation Complex webpage for complete details.


CHD Recreation Complex offers both Seasonal and Annual Memberships. See website for details on CHDRC Memberships

Health Club

Available use through membership or pay-as-you go.

  • Cardio and Weight room with running track
  • state of the art equipment
  • CEPSM certified fitness trainers

See the Recreation Complex webpage for complete details.

Group Fitness Classes

7 days a week • 3 dedicated fitness studios • Fit For Everyone

Classes are available through membership, as a registered program, or pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Participants must be 13+, or as otherwise listed for some classes.
  • Registered program listings are online at
  • See current Fitness Class Schedules, class descriptions, studio details, pricing and membership information at

Registered Fitness Programs and Small Group Personal Training

Registered Group Fitness Programs

  • Classes start at 13 yrs of age, and include a selection of specific classes for Adults 55+, Post/Prenatal fitness, and Family programs

Small Group Personal Training Programs for Adults and Adults 55+

  • These programs offer participants a cost effective personal training experience
  • Programs are for 18+ including specialized programs for adults 55+

Search and register for Group Fitness and Small Group Training programs online at

Personalized Training Services

All of our trainers are CSEP Certified Personal Trainers who work with individuals to meet their healthy lifestyle goals using an evidence informed approach acquired through post secondary education.

  • Personal and Buddy Training
  • Pilates Reformer Sessions (Private or Semi-Private) 
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Private Yoga Therapy

Visit our Personal Training Page for options and details, or contact the Fitness Office, 905.683.6582 ext 3247.

Swimming Pool

Public Swim is offered at both CHD Recreation Complex and Dunbarton Indoor Pools. 

See the Aquatics Page for details and schedules.

Courts: Squash, Racquetball, Tennis

Available use through membership or pay-as-you go.

Members can book a court online at or by phone at 905.831.1730.

  • 2 Racquetball courts (also available for handball/wallyball)
  • 6 singles squash courts
  • 2 doubles squash courts
  • 4 Tennis courts
  • Racquetball and Squash bookings are 40 minutes
  • Tennis bookings are 60 minutes

Visit Racquet Sports at for complete details

Squash Lessons & Services

Squash Pro: Nicole Pirko
905.831.1711 ext 3235


  • Private & Semi Private lessons are available
  • Beginner to intermediate lessons for both singles and doubles play are available. Both Adult and Junior classes are available starting at 7 years of age.

Squash Lesson details are in the guide (pg 33) and online at - Squash page


  • Pro Shop & Racquet re-stringing service is available. Contact Squash office for details.

Tennis Lessons

Tennis Pro: Dave Ochotta
905.831.1711 ext 3235


  • Private, semi-private and small group lessons are offered by our Head Tennis Pro and his Assistants.

Tennis Lesson details are in the guide (pg 34) and online at - Tennis page


  • Pro Shop & Racquet re-stringing service is available. Contact Tennis office for details.

City Services


We are committed to meeting the needs of our growing community and providing accessible programs, services and resources to all of our residents. 

City of Pickering Mayor and Council

City of Pickering Council 2022

Mayor and Members of Council are responsible for the management and administration of the City's resources.  As well as attending Council and Committee meetings, some members are also active on a number of board and committee meetings.

Our door is always open. Please share any comments, questions or concerns.

Customer Care

The Customer Care Centre provides an important link between members of the public, the Mayor, Members of Council, and City of Pickering municipal departments. Our main priority is to ensure that you, "the customer" receive prompt attention and service regarding any municipal concerns you may have.

Visit us online to see how you can Connect with Your City

Pickering Culture

Creating a vibrant community; Discover Pickering's vision for arts, culture and heritage.

Recreation Services

Arenas and Public Skating

Pickering is home to 2 Indoor Ice Arenas: Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex and Don Beer Arena.

Pools and Public Swimming

Free Teen Stuff 

Exclusively for Pickering residents 13 - 19 yrs  free teen image

Free programs, events, and more

Membership is required (it’s free) and you can get it at any Free Teen Program. Parent verification will be required on your first visit.

Programs include:

  • basketball, breakdancing, volleyball, games rooms, trivia nights and more to come!

See website for details, schedules, and upcoming events.

905.420.6588 | | facebook logo instagram logo free teen stuff

Aging Well Adults 55+ | 905.420.6588  scww image

facebook logo @Pickering 55+ Group

Older adults are invited to join us for "Seniors' Centre Without Walls" to enjoy a variety of interactive over the phone activities. 

Featuring a wide variety of free social opportunities, events & programs exclusively for older adults. 

This winter join us for Seniors' Centre Without Walls Free Phone in Programs. In these programs you connect with us and join other adults on the phone for fitness, social fun, and friendly games! Get the details now.

  • Our website is your number one source for information, and resources on what’s happening in the City for older adults. 

  • Subscribe to the 55+ Aging Well enewsletter to have monthly information and news delivered to your inbox.
  • We're on social media too! Join our exclusive 55+ facebook group to connect and share the 55+ experience.

Pickering Events

Destination Pickering | 905.420.4620  facebook icon   @pickeringevents

Pickering Museum Village | 905.683.8401  museum logo

facebook icon  youtube icon @pickeringmuse

2365 6th Concession Road
Greenwood, ON L0H 1H0

Pickering Museum Village is open for pre-booked tours, adventures, and workshops.   

Visit the museum website to see what's happening and plan your visit.

Seasons highlights:

Pickering Public Library

Pickering Public Library

Recreation Services Communications Survey

Survey closes December 31, 2022.  We would like your help in understand your preferences for receiving information on our recreational programs and services. By completing the survey you have a chance to win Free Family Swimming for a year at CHD Recreation Complex.

The Survey can be accessed and submitted online, or by paper copy (pick up and drop off) at CHD Recreation Complex. 
Thank you in advance for your time and input.



Next Edition: Spring 2023

Coming Mid March will include spring programs and summer camps


note: Masks are no longer required to be worn in City facilities, however may be worn as a personal choice by patrons and staff.